Inspiring the American Dream

Dating back to the early pioneers, the concept of the American dream in the United States represented freedom and the opportunity to live happy, successful and prosperous lives. It was an ideal in which the individual, through courage, hard work and determination, could become whatever they aspired to be, creating a ‘better way of life’ for themselves and their family.

For centuries people from around the world have come to this great country to realize the American dream. People took great risks. They worked hard. They were creative and industrious. They knew there was no guarantee for success, but they knew that if they persevered, they could succeed. Maybe not themselves, maybe their children, or maybe their children’s children. This was all the incentive they needed.

Ironically, the very success of earlier American generations achieving the ‘dream’ has now led to a new generation, with very little, if any, understanding or motivation to pursue it. Attitudes of want rather than need, expectations to have, rather than to have earned, have replaced thrift and hard work as cornerstones in modern day society, threatening the American dream’s very existence.

These attitudes have evolved slowly over time in American society. In an effort to provide a better way of life for our children, we have inadvertently fostered a culture of entitlement. Although well-meaning, this behavior has contributed to our children’s basic lack of understanding of the role that personal responsibility plays in their lives.

However, for those individuals committed to preserving the American dream, we are proud to introduce our new website and recently released book, Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream.

Our mission with this new venture is to inspire today’s youth, by instilling in them the values, principles and virtues necessary to achieve the American dream. We hope you enjoy the journey!