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Abraham’s Journey – A Children’s Book That Celebrates The American Dream

The American dream is in jeopardy.  Unless we, as parents, grandparents and educators, teach our children about this unique American ideal, the American dream will be lost forever.

Finally, a Children’s Book that Celebrates the American Dream!

ABRAHAM’S JOURNEY: A Celebration of the American Dream tells the story of a young boy, who through his faith, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit, sets out to achieve the American dream. Colorfully and meticulously illustrated, young and old alike will be captivated as they follow Abraham on his magical journey.

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 Excerpt From The Book:

Abraham rubbed his eyes. The man on the screen waited. With a shrug, Abraham reached out to touch the wise man’s hand. Suddenly, he found himself transported into a cyber world! There, the wise old man helped prepare him for the journey ahead.

“Along the way, Abraham, you will meet several great American men and women. They will help you to uncover your hidden talent. They will share with you the many virtues you need in order to achieve your dream.  However, you must understand that you…and only you…are capable of making that dream come true.”

Price: $14.99